Be The Hero Of Your Own Story

By Claudia: Remember the old saying “Be the Hero of your own story”?, Well, that’s not just wishful thinking, indeed it is one of the most practical advice anyone could ever give you… And here is why…

All of us, regardless of sex or status, need to be saved from time to time, that’s a universal truth… the real question is: Saved by whom… And more importantly saved from whom/what? Take Batman for example, who is he? Where does his purpose come from? Why is he even mentioned in this article? Let’s take a step back…

claudia2 There’s a Bruce Wayne in everyone of us, a child grieving for the losses he doesn’t nor understand nor accept, a pain so deep that literally tints every aspect of his life to the point of spiritual asphyxiation for nothing is pure… everything is contaminated by guilt, pain and regret.

A trauma of such proportions that indeed sometimes feels like there will be no end to it. But Bruce goes on, relentless, bound by the love for what he knows to be good and pure and the hope to serve a great love. In short? A constant battle between the horrors of fear and the amazing strength of love and the hope it brings… It’s a battle of the titans and nobody can win it alone… not even Bruce and his fortune could, he needed to be saved and that’s why he created Batman.

Batman is you, every time you look straight into the darkest corner of your past and still feel the warm embrace of hope holding your heart tight, Batman is you every time you choose to smile to a stranger just because it feels so good to live by the rules of light and most of all, YOU are Batman every time you help a creature even if nobody was there when you were in the same situation.

You can save yourself just like Bruce did… and you don’t need a mask nor a fortune, you just need to help someone else. That is one of the things I personally love the most about the majestic beatitude of the Universal Law to which we all belong. To be your hero just be someone else’s, to save yourself save another… allow your spirit to know how real gratitude feels. It’s like a blasting channel of light that enters your chest and takes all the shadows away… it feels like being born again, but this time on your own terms… for the first time you feel truly safe because for the first time you’re actually acting upon the real reason for you to be here and in doing so, the real essence of your soul is revealed before your eyes. Nothing beats it. Nothing at all. We get a glimpse of it when we fall in love, but that’s more like a test drive… the real deal is when you just love.

Be your own Hero my darling, let every smile help you remember who you truly are, an endless creature of light with the supreme power to be so much better than what anyone has ever told you were… after all… what has anybody ever effectively known about you… the real you… so show them darling, for you are Batman.

And if right now you’re thinking that all of this is nothing but science fiction when applied to your life…then talk to me… I’ll show you how it’s done..after all… till not that long ago, I too was just a scared little Bruce.


Love and Power,


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