Friday 13th – do you feel lucky?

Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day due to superstions, the name for this this friday phobia is friggatriskaidekaphobia. Frig was the norse goddess whom the day friday was named after and triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.

People who suffer from this fear have an intense feeling of doom and quite often will not go outside on this day, for fear of something bad happening to them

There are also 13 moons in a calender year, each of these moons are symbolic to ~ femininity ~ magic ~ psyche and emotions.

Friday the 13th was also thought to be related to the last supper in which judas, who was the 13th guest betrayed jesus…

All the films friday the 13th were based on this fear/phobia.

Normal fears and superstions are said to be more powerful on this day including

  • Black cat crossing your path
  • Dont walk under a ladder
  • Dont move home on friday the 13th of you wont stay there very long
  • Its unlucky to get married on friday the 13th.

On a plus note its said that if you find a penny on friday the 13th it will keep you safe throughout the day, or carrying a rabbits foot for good luck it will also protect you.

Unfortunate events that have taken place on friday the 13th are:

  • Decline of the knights templer
  • Bucking ham palace was hit by 5 bombs on friday the 13th nearly killing king george and queen elizabeth
  • Chilean air force plane disapperaed in the andes on friday the 13th
  • Tupac shakur died from his wounds on friday the 13th
  • And the cruise liner concordia ran aground on friday the 13th.

Every year has at least one friday the 13th and at most 3

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