How To Create More Romance In Your Life The Eastern Way.

Is your love life losing its spark? Are you looking to revamp the relationship and take it to the next level? Feng Shui and eastern cultures have been using visual and sensual tricks for thousands of years to improve their sex life. I am a Reader with a difference, I can guide you to your true love through my buddhist tarot readings, giving you some valuable insight into life through the eastern culture and can assist you with your relationships. But here are four beginning steps you can take to improve your love life at home. Change the mood by changing your mindset.

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1. Use the correct colours in your bedroom
Your choice of bed linen can affect the romantic mood in your bedroom and can affect your sex life. The best colours to use are bright red, white, or bright green to create more pizzazz and bring more passion into the bedroom too. Be careful to not over use the colours too much as this will make your sex life burn out faster, especially with the colour red.

2.Hang Mirrors and Crystals
The location of your bedroom can play a big part in your sex life. Hallways are a passage to allow energies flow within the house, but if they flow too freely they can become problematic. To counteract potential problems, hang mirrors diagonally opposite each other in the hallway just outside the bedroom door in order to slow the energies down. Small crystals hung directly inside the door of your bedroom will help to improve and strengthen all of your romance.

3. Stimulation of the senses
Ylang ylang essential oil is aphrodisiac, adding a small amount of these oils to water or to a oil burner will help sensual feelings come to play and helps ignite passionate instincts. Subliminal messaging such as romantic pictures or images of couples in love can evoke emotions of love in ones brain and are particularly good if placed across the hallway opposite your bedroom door.

Candles in the bedroom placed in the back right-hand corner of the room can add both a spark and a glow to your love life while also attracting a new flame if you’re single. The colour pink or red will help the glowing warmth effect.

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4. Use This Bedside Lamp Trick
Bring Love to Your Bedroom by turning on bedside lamp. Turn your bedside lamps on at the same time each night and keep them on for at least three hours. Then, turn them off at the same time. Do this for twenty-seven days and your love life will be switched on too!

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