How To Enhance Your Family Bond

I believe that a stable and secure family network and good family values can help you accomplish all you want in your life. In the eastern culture, the family is an individual’s religious, economic, political and social core.

Family culture and family values are important to a stable family environment. This does not happen overnight. Like your daily meditation practices, you have to constantly work at your family values to ensure they are practiced and followed. Family meetings offer a regular opportunity to teach the principles you want to in still in your children and your own life and give you all a way to discuss how to apply them in real life situations. You may say, but where do I start? If you need an ice breaker at the table, how about a short poem and ask everyone to have a view on what the poem may mean.

Do you feel like your family is just a bunch of strangers who happen to live in the same house and share the same name? If you have a problem with a member of your family who is negative, control how you are feeling by beginning to write a list of all the things you appreciate about them. Being grateful for them being in your life, no how annoying or irritating they may be and see the positive of having them in your life. Appreciation of others will help you reduce the exposure of their negative energy on you and at the same time will help you attract more positive energy and people into your life.

If you are holding onto tensions about someone, write the issues down on white paper with their name at the top, go outside ensure that you are not near anything flammable and light the paper on fire, while doing this imagine the person in your head and say I now release, burn and clear everything negative.

Remember to hold on to a hot coal for too long will only burn you not others.

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  1. Yeou-Lee

    Thanks Suzie for your post. I will try those strategies that you listed especially the last one.


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