How To Have It All

By Claudia: Have you ever met someone who “had it all”? If the answer is yes, then you’ve met someone who knows how to ask the Universe for what he/she wants. Right now you’re probably thinking “Well, I ask all the time too, but nothing ever happens”, and that’s because you’re using the wrong language, see my darling, the Universe doesn’t give you what you think you want, but always matches who you are and you are your thoughts so It gives you what you are projecting into the world by thinking specific things. It’s like a “safety pin” mechanism that the Universe puts in place, basically, It gives you what it knows you can handle, because the conscious abstract of it (your thought) is already in place. So, just like you wouldn’t hand matches to a child, the Universe doesn’t give you what you wouldn’t know what to do with , because in case of mishandling your own undoing would actually occur.

claudia2 All that being said, How do we ask for what we actually want rather than what we already have? By shifting your thought process. Think about how you would feel if you had what you wanted, project yourself in that situation, feel it in your bones and start acting as if it already happened. Don’t verbalize a question, live as if the answer was already “Yes”, because the truth is that it actually is already “Yes”, it’s the N1 cosmic law.

So, say that you want to find love, be loved, don’t spend a single second thinking about your ex or the fact that you’re lonely or maybe sad or even upset. Be love, treat yourself as everyday you were to spend it with the love of your life, treat others with the kindness and positivity that only love brings into our lives, be in that wonderful relationship. If for example you want a better job, act like you already have it, be enthusiastic at work, listen to your co-workers, don’t be intimidated by your boss, but always give your 120%, because really, you already have a foot out of the door so might as well leave the best impression possible. If you want a better job, but all the Universe can pick up from your thought is disillusionment, resentment and boredom, It’s gonna think that you’re just not ready for the better job.

Darling, never underestimate the power of your thoughts…because ultimately, they are the force that defines who you are. Your life is a manifestation of yourself and you are what you think. Every single time we have a thought, we project that specific energy into the Universe and we immediately get a response, a matching response, that’s why it’s called “The law of Attraction”: because we attract experiences that matches the vibe we put out. From something as simple as the “dream car” all the way to a roaring career, perfect lover, great family and friends… the mechanism is always the same. Be what you want, embrace it within your energy and let that joy transform yourself inside out… the minute the process is complete, it shall manifest in the physical world and you’ll finally be able to touch it.

And one more thing, there is no limit to what you can ask for… Why? Because there is no limit to what you can become. Life can be truly glorious, so be that life.


Bless you all,


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