Motivation Through Meditation

Meditation allows you to centre yourself and reflect on the day ahead. By setting your intentions you are able to shape your experiences and your reactions to events around you. It’s a daily reminder that you are in control of your life. You can choose the kind of day you will have.

You need to find inspiration and enjoyment in your meditation. Understand that self- discipline is a way of showing kindness to yourself and you deserve this quiet time to go within.

Remind yourself of the reasons why you are meditating and create a personal vision for yourself.

If required print out this Motivation to meditate list below and hang it in a predominate place in your house, so when you walk past it every day you are reminded of why you need to do a meditation.

* Enjoy more peace of mind and be calm
* To be a more loving and compassionate person
* To know myself more deeply
* Enjoy the benefits of better health and healing
* To be less fearful and anxious
* To let go of anger and frustrations
* Develop a greater sense of self awareness
* To have better concentration
* To be happier in life
* To follow a spiritual path

Meditation can be as little as 2 mins or as long as hours. To start with begin, with a series of 2 min meditations and every day expand this by another 5 mins. Eventually with practice you will be able to meditate for hours with a clear mind. The important thing is just to sit quietly without set expectations, free of self-judgment. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

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A simple mantra that can be done verbally or silently is ” Do not worry, fear is a distraction” Repeat this over and over till you start feeling at ease and you feel like you no longer need to be saying it and naturally come to a place of silence.

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” ~Lao Tzu

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