Psychic Exercises For Learners

In the busy world we are all living in today we instinctively tune everything out as we focus on what we have to do. When you want to learn to become a psychic, the first thing you need to do is the reverse of what society has told us to do, don’t try to block it all out, instead soak it all in.

Practise makes perfect and when you begin to sit still and take notice of what is happening around us, that is when your inner wisdom and knowledge grows. Take time out of your day to just notice the smaller things in your life and world and understand how these thing make you feel and how noises make different sounds and how those sounds make you feel.

Example: Just sitting here typing this article I am noticing, the noise my nails make on the individual keys, the sound the keys make when they hit the base of the keyboard and then making note of how those sounds make me feel. The light of the computer screen in front of me and the smaller noises around me from my fish tank.

Exercise: Next time you’re at your doctors waiting or in a queue at the supermarket, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. make a note of how these noises make you feel. Try to focus on one noise at a time without the other things distracting you. Focusing the mind on one thing at a time.

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This exercise is great for developing your skills as a psychic as when you start to focus on peoples issues, you will be able to understand how particular situations make a person feel or actually unfold. When you take away the sense of sight, a lot of your other senses open up. Learning to use these other senses are what help make psychics great psychics.

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