The Moon Of The Lion King

By Claudia: On the 31st of January we will witness a truly unique event, a full moon eclipse, a blood moon and because the satellite will be at its closest point to earth a “Super moon”. The last time such phenomenon occurred was in 1866 and combined with the fact that it shall happen in the sign of Leo makes it a true royal event, the Moon of the Lion King.

So, apart from being a superlative astral phenomenon to behold, what is the actual effect of a full moon eclipse of that size? Let’s start by saying that full moon is always the culmination of a cycle, the time in which you ripe the fruits of your past actions and the fact that it coincides with a full eclipse it makes it all so much more effective and important. It literally signs the end of an era the beginning of a new one, it is the “real first day of the year”.

claudia2 Will everyone be effected in the same way? No, of course not, the ones who will be affected the most are the people born under or with a strong planetary presence under the sign of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. For these individual the “Royal blood moon” will truly mark a very important spiritual passage. an intense renewal of energies that will lead to very profound transformations in their lives. Best advice for these people? Don’t start anything new in the next two weeks, allow the eclipse to shed the “old vibrations” off your aura so that you can gain your new prospective.

Whatever you start now is doomed to seem “obsolete” once the eclipse will have taken place, so it’s better to wait, right now is the time to evaluate for you while come February you’ll be truly ready for a new adventure. You shall discover new ways to truly nurture yourself on an emotional and energetic level, which will ultimately let you attract the love and success you’ve been waiting for. For those of you who practise rituals, I would advise to put any of those practises “on hold” till at least mid February because it’s vital that you let the “new you” settle on your skin, as there will be a period of adjustment and it’s best not to overload your lighter astral tissues.

Every full moon represents a time of completion, the climax of a cycle, with this one you should think of it as the climax and ending not just for the past month, but the past 5 months doing for 5 months ago was when we had a “Super New moon” which kicked started the evolutionary curve that will culminate on the 31st.. So.. Sit back, relax and meditate… Be grateful for the lessons learn and even more so for the mistakes because they teach us more than anything else. Last but not least, this is the time to love yourself… I mean, think about it…how do you speak to yourself… what messages do you send yourself daily? My guess is that sometimes you criticize and speak to yourself more harshly than you’d do to your worst enemy.

You’re glorious and more to the point, you’re your Number one asset. treat yourself as such.


It shall be truly a magical event and if you let it, it will change your life.

Love and light,


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