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About Adriana

Gifted with clairaudience and clairsentience I have been able to know, understand and predict things since my early years. I spent my youth in spiritual churches, spiritual development centers & psychic development groups exploring mediumship and psychic development since 1986. I work for your greatest good to manifest better things, even during the most challenging of times. I can give general readings or focus on your specific questions. I excel at guiding seekers toward advancing their own intuitive gifts and grasping their own power. I am a conscious channel, and I speak the words directly. Let me know if you understand what is being said before we move on. I see hear, feel, and just know. I want you to feel like part of the process so you can strengthen your own power and gifts as we speak. 

Unlock the secrets that lie in the loops you find yourself in. I will use the tarot and psychic intuition as tools to guide us on our quest. I will show you where to find the keys... To gain clarity of mind... Bring true balance to yourself and find the answers to your deepest questions. I have guided countless minds through my entire life, all around the world with psychic readings, intuitive counseling & spiritual guidance. Always expanding knowledge... Energy and a positive well-being with everyone I encounter. You found me for a reason... Let me show you why. I love what I do, and I put my heart into it, I am easy to talk to, bright and full of warmth and light. 

My purpose, my passion and my priority is to serve you and help in anyway Spirit leads me to help you. As an adult, I trained in hypnotherapy and past lives, transpersonal and spiritual psychology, numerology & channeling. My clients and former clients often tell me that I have “changed their lives.” My gifts cover past lives, future loves, career guidance, prosperity issues, healing, meditation, hypnosis, dream interpretation and those struggling with old wounds, or those just wanting some guidance for direction in their lives. I am also known for my abilities to recognize 'psychic loops' remove and neutralize them to open a path for my clients to grow and expand beyond their current paradigm.  

If you want a happy life, you must make sure you’re on the right path. Our universe speaks to us through many signs and we need to open our spiritual eyes to see them. I look into the past, present, and future to guide you toward your life purpose. I am here to help you bring purpose to your particular situation. I will empower you to find the right path on your journey with peace, love, and a sense of clarity! 

My Experience: 

More than 30 Years of Experience
Spiritual Psychologist 
Intuitive & Psychic Guide 
Tarot Card Reader
Clairaudient and Clairsentient
Diploma in Hypnotherapy

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