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About Almine

I was born with a gift of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, enhanced Psychic ability and I have worked as an Intuitive Consultant for almost 30 years, in different countries. My readings are compassionate, direct and truthful and empowers you to make decisions that bring you completion and fulfillment.

Nothing is beyond your control if you are willing to change your situation. 

I do not use any "tools of the trade" but simply connect with your soul, your emotions and your Guides, who pass information onto me, in an empathetic way. You will always hear what you need to hear, not always what you'd like to hear. The messages you receive are always the truth, in complete confidence. My client's best interest is always at heart. I'm able to give you a better understanding and outlook on your past, present and your future.

My readings cover all aspects of your life, including love, marriage, relationships, family, health, wealth, travel, career, work and business situations. During the reading we will discuss any questions you may have and, with spiritual guidance, we will find the best solution for you. You will find healing, contentment and encouragement, during and after your reading and you will have a new positive outlook on life. My list of repeat clientele throughout the years is proof of my ability and honest integrity. 

I provide clarity and direction in any situation you may find yourself in and calm, clear-thinking suggestions of how to rectify and proceed, to overcome troubling experiences you may have, or indecision you are presently encountering. I have a very strict code of practice. My readings are a creative and positive force in your life as it is given sensitively and with the intention to heal energetically. 

My Experience:
More than 30 Years Experience 

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