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Ask what the angels would like you to know today.

Clara is a compassionate, uplifting and direct reader and intuitive and at the same time accurate and incredibly gifted and skilled in retrieving past life information. You will surely improve your love life, career, feelings and life after finding the answers you seek. She looks forward to providing you with essential direction needed to cope and handle any difficult situation you are going through in your life right now as well as realistic and accurate readings to help empower, motivate and inspire you.

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About Me

I was born an Indigo Child, and I was aware of my intuition from a very young age. I started to pay more attention to this during my teenage years. I am a friendly and down to earth Taurus. I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Clair-cognizant (clear feeling) and Clairaudient (clear hearing).

I am very intuitive and have a strong connection with the Angels and those in Spirit. I will direct you toward your best possible course and make you really feel tuned in with me. I take great pleasure in listening to what the client has to say, and sharing the guidance that I am given with them. In addition to using my own intuition, I will also deliver messages from the Angels, and provide the appropriate guidance so that the client understands how to use this information wisely.

I assure and would be quick, detailed, positive, honest and accurate in providing you with the answers to your simple up to complicated questions and make you have a better understanding and optimization of the opportunities that fate grants you. I do ask the client to approach their reading with an open mind and remember that the information provided is significant and relevant to the client.

There are times where the client may not understand the relevance of certain pieces of information until time has passed, so my advice to the client is to pay attention to their intuition, thoughts and feelings. I also like to remind clients to ask their Guardian Angel to assist them, all they need to do is ask!



Hold a diploma in Angel Healing, and have certificates in Reiki 1 and 2.


19 Feedback & Reviews

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