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Amazingly gifted clairaudient relationship expert.
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About Counselor Karen

Hi. I am Counselor Karen and I am a very compassionate Virgo. I am an EMPHATHIC (having ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, hopes, desires, and dreams of others), CLAIRAUDIENT (having ability to hear sounds and voices that are outside of the natural range of hearing), CLAIRSENTIENT (having the ability to feel and obtain information from physical and emotional sensations), and INTUITIVE (having abilities to access information that may not be known by the conscious mind).   I have worked as a chat reader for many years.

My emotional connections are very strong on chat and I am able to connect to you and those around you as if I am sitting right there next to you. Having these gifts enables me  to help you understand what those around you are feeling including loved ones, significant others, spouses, family, and friends as well as loved ones that have passed.  I have been told that with these insights in how others are  feeling I  help you on your journey to healing, self-discovery, and hard decisions that need to be made.

My psychic abilities have been tried and tested and am given only first names and date of birth. A true psychic is someone who has the abilities to give details surrounding your life and environment without having to ask many questions. If the connection I have with you is valid I will tune in to your situation immediately. There are times that the connection is not there at which point I will be honest and tell you so you can connect with another psychic that can. This is part of the free three minutes offered on chat.

I do not sugarcoat.  If I get that the situation you are currently in is not very positive I will guide you to the best solution.   I love affirmations and having the ability to look at the bright side of things with a positive attitude and perspective. I do not give predictions in time frames beyond near future events because I am a strong believer in nothing is set in stone and thoughts are always moving us forward.

My gifts are fruits of the spirit and I have been blessed with these gifts to help you on your journey in life. I have a very high work ethic,  am reliable and am non judgmental.    The close client bonds I have kept throughout the years confirm my reliability as a psychic. Clients look to me as a counselor, friend, and guide. I am looking forward to meeting you and it is not by accident that you have picked my profile.

Counselor Karen

I connect strongly with first names and birth dates as well as one question to get the session started. Feedback is appreciated

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