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About Debra

Reading professionally for over 15 years, I usually receive psychic information as soon as I shuffle the cards. My uncanny ability to "see" what is happening in your life has been vigorously tested. As a professional reader specializing in tarot and palmistry. I approach all my readings with an open mind. I am here to bring you clarity and uplift you when you’re frustrated or sad.

I read in a very clear, straightforward manner with zero tolerance of "sugar coating". My specialties are Love, career, money, family matters, pet readings, tarot, clairvoyance, mediumship and palmistry which has been an ongoing study my entire life. As a second generation reader, I have been trained at a tender age to pick up information through my mind's eye. My goal is to always connect with you on a deep spiritual level.

I have the ability to converse and connect with a variety of spiritual topics and levels. I see how energy functions in relationships and offer guidance on what is working and/or what needs to change for it to work. I want you to discover something about yourself, and I work to empower you so you can see your own strengths in any given situation. I believe Readings are meant to have a positive effect and do no harm. They uplift, bless, offer insight, and open the mind.

I began reading professionally in a metaphysical shop in the year 2000 with great success. I had such a huge following of regular customers I then proceeded to form my own retail shop. During that blessed time, I was invited to numerous markets, psychic fairs, personal and corporate events. My studies at a local spiritual university have honed my craft in clairvoyance and I now work happily online providing in-depth readings.  I believe I am here to help show you that no matter how bad a situation is, it can always have a happy and positive ending.

My Experience:

2 decades of being a psychic
Specialty in Tarot and Palmistry

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