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About Donna

For over the past 30 years, I have been working professionally for thousands of clients internationally. My reputation is flawless and I have thousands of satisfied clients all over the world as a Psychic Spiritual Reader, Clairvoyant & Medium. My dreams and visions began when I was only a young girl and they were what inspired me to help others. It was during my childhood that I was able to identify with the power of voice and it was my key to my remarkable ability that I have today. My unconditional passion and talent for what I do are what has helped and guided my clients for so many years.

My objective is to guide you toward accomplishing change as soon as possible. Often it is merely a shift in consciousness, but sometimes it is nothing less than revamping everything. I won't keep you guessing, I will help you in your search for happiness and I will help you find your true path and purpose in life. To those who are looking for guidance or waiting to take control of their destiny, remember that the universe is an amazing place and we are a creation of Free Will… We each carve out a future that we create for ourselves. But nothing is set in stone.

So many stories to tell about my readings but the most rewarding readings by far is the Medium readings where love ones reconnect and bring real answers to many questions that have been left unanswered or even just the chance to connect again to remove the grief and loss to know that they are loved and not forgotten. 20 years ago, I said something to a friend about her husband, I tried to explain that he was having an affair, but it all went off deaf ears back then, and only last year it has all come to the truth that he has been playing up on her for all of those 20 years more and of course they are now going through a divorce. I understand the rhythm of hope and the continuity of faith. I guide my clients to focus on the bottom line and never waste their time. I will always give you the real deal. You can expect a change in perspective. If you feel distraught and hopeless at the beginning of a reading, you will find deeper insight and optimism that you couldn’t see before. Many people look at a situation negatively or feel it is bigger than it is. I believe I am here to help show you that no matter how bad a situation is, it can always have a happy and positive ending.

I am a qualified Theta Healer and a Life Coach. I have created my own training courses in the spiritual arena and has run meditation classes. My gifted readings are Turkish Coffee Readings, Flower Readings, Aura Readings, Tarot & Souls Journey Readings combined with my Psychic Clairvoyant Medium skills brings full answers to all your questions. I can cover questions in your career, money, business, relationships, soul's journey with timing, health, connect with loved ones crossed over, holidays and travel, soul mates and karmic relationships and family issues or pregnancy predictions, dream interpretation and angel and spirit guides including animal healing. I will leave you comforted, with a sense of peace at heart. 

My Experience:

More than 30 Years of Experience
Psychic Spiritual Reader
Qualified Theta Healer and a Life Coach
Turkish Coffee Readings
Flower Readings
Aura Readings
Tarot Reading
Souls Journey Readings

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