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A transformational Lightworker, Empath and Counsellor who accesses Angels, Guides and links to your ancestors.

Fiona is a Lightworker and intuitive empath who connects with the Spirit. Her guides and her intuition will provide honest and open minded guidance to you. Her insights are accurate and able to be acted on by you to change your life.

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About Me

My first footsteps into the metaphysical area was when I was a young child and happily connected with the energies in my garden. As a teenager I communicated with a resident Spirit in my house and as an adult I have explored the metaphysical world, tarot reading, Angel energy, channelling and the idea and use of Universal energy for nearly 20 years. 

My foundations came from the teachings of USUI Reiki which I hold dear and I became a Master of this amazing modality. Being a Master simply means I am able to share the teachings and my love of Reiki with others so that all may be attuned and raise their consciousness and awareness. 

I went on to become a remedial massage therapist, gained several levels of Kinesiology training, completed the first 2 levels of Australian Bush Flower Essences, developed an understanding of nutrition in relation to the mind, body and soul connection and through massage found I could hear and speak to spirits related to my clients . 

I also attended Spirit of Light training where I had a rich learning in channelling, energy clearing, Angel attunement, Ascended Master attunement, connecting with the land and the four elements and I began to develop my skills as a practitioner who could guide clients through their past and present emotional blocks and energies effecting them.

I also learnt to clear land, people and places of built up negative energy. Over the last year I have completed my studies with Lightworker Reflections to the Level of Master and have further developed my skills, intuition and practice to incorporate a new range of approaches to healing and transforming the elements that people have barriers around. 

I have been writing for a digital magazine and continues to explore more avenues where communicating with Spirit to assist others is a greater part of my life.

As a family member I am very aware of the challenges, celebration and struggles of families, workplaces and relationships and I can assist others in this area.



I am an intuitive empath who is able to feel where you are in this moment.
I hear Spirit guide me with information that is right for you to hear and maybe to action in this very moment.
I am an excellent long distance reader and channeller and have extensive experience with both. 
I have been involved with intuitive healings, card readings and channelled readings for 10 years.
Certified Reiki Master Remedial Massage Therapist Certified Master Lightworker, Practitioner and Mentor Certified Spirit of Light Worker Kinegetics 1 & 2 Australian Bushflower essences 1 & 2 Angel Card reader Teacher (children) Social Worker.


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