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As an experienced and all around psychic clairvoyant and medium, Jane links in to your guides and loved ones in spirit. She provides accurate insight & guidance in an honest yet compassionate way. Through energy she 'sees' the situation you are in and offers guidance and support on love, relationships, business, work and life.

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About Me

I am happily flowing into my late fifties and live by the water where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. I have seen and heard spirit since I was a child, as have my Mother and Grandmother before me.

I have used this gift to help my family and friends over the years and everything comes from love. For the last seven years I have channelled readings full time as I 'see' energy and where you are possibly blocked from achieving your dreams and goals in life. You can do anything you choose too.

A client got in touch recently, as he was about to sign a contract using his fifteen year business assets, home and all personal effects as collateral. Not a man to be told what to do at any time, he got in touch just to check, because his instincts prompted him too. Thank goodness he did, because my guides gently showed the 'holes' in the deal and what the motives of his business associate actually were. He would have lost everything had he gone ahead. It is a privilege to work like this and to connect and channel for the uplifting of all.

I prefer to have no details from a client during a reading, as then the messages coming through as purely spirit led. This is a safe place, with no judgement and it is filled with love. You will be supported and wrapped in love to explore whatever you choose too in this safe place.






25 Feedback & Reviews

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