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About Jay

I am a skilled Psychic/Medium who has been conducting readings and healing sessions now for just over 20 years. I have many years’ experience conducting these sessions face to face, as well as online and over the phone.  I have the ability to help connect you with the answers you require to put those lingering pieces together to provide the clarity that you are looking for. I am able to help guide in all avenues of life, from Career, Relationships, Finances, Life Lessons and Purpose as well as connecting to loved ones on the other side. I like to lift one's hopes and give the guidance that they seek.

I realized I had an ability when I was a teenager. I noticed that the visions and dreams that I was having, would become reality, within a short period. It was when my ability saved my friend's life that I realized I had to use this ability to help people. When I was younger, a friend and I were riding our bikes to school when I felt the need to force my friend off the footpath, seconds later a vehicle rounded the corner way too fast and ended up on its roof, right where my friend would have been riding. That day changed my life and allowed me to realize how important the visions I had really were. These helped me find my true calling and to understand that every problem has a solution; no matter how overwhelming the issue may appear to be I hope you leave the reading feeling uplifted and positive about your future, knowing that you have the power to succeed in any area of life.
I continued to listen to these guides and allow this special gift to become what it is today. I have a number of clients from all walks of life. Many of my clients are returned or new clients through recommendations, due to the accuracy and the unique style of my readings. I combine tarot and angel cards whilst also using mediumship and energy work if I feel it is beneficial. My goal is to connect with you—mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I’ll be able to answer every single question you have. My energy is strong but pure, true to the heart, very insightful, and very detailed. There is no question too big or too small that I cannot answer.
Those who have readings with me have commented that they feel a great connection and they leave feeling confident that they have gained insight into their future endeavors. I look forward to providing you with direction with any questions you need to be answered.

My Experience:

20+ Years of Experience
Psychic Medium
Tarot Card Reading
Angel Card Reading

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