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On point. Bringing love and clarity to your life.
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About Jessica

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Life-long psychic and healer; psychotherapist and life coach, I bring loving clarity to your relationships, career, business, finances, family, parenting, weight issues, health, and spiritual development. Warm, calm and assured, my counsel illuminates your soul-path. From generations of psychics, mediums and healers, my first sentences described the light-beings by my crib.

I also interpret dreams, hear messages, read energy, link with those who have passed on, and my empathic gifts connect me to your soul’s purpose and life path. At 7 years old, I gave my first unofficial, unnervingly accurate reading. Later, people sought me out as a mentor and coach, initially for intuitive guidance in business/financial matters. In time, their requests focused on personal life issues, health and relationships. After 30 years, some of my regular clients feel like family! My psychic ability helped springboard a successful early business career, which ended abruptly due to ill health – my guides had other plans for me! In 2002, after a profound healing and deep personal awakening, I was redirected into spiritual service and my healing gifts developed further into the areas of healing emotional trauma and relationships. In the outer world, I retrained and qualified as a psychotherapist.

At the same time, I was invited to join a shamanic healing order, developing my innate gifts by helping people from all over the globe. As guided, I may use healing, cards, pendulum, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channeling or any combination of these. Often, with healing, I am guided to take time and go deeper. Rather than charging for that time, we arrange that you call back within the hour, and I guide you to be an active part of the healing during the time between calls. Every part of us we consider weak or vulnerable, hurt, bad or wrong, is a potential powerhouse of personal empowerment. Open your heart and welcome the transformation that awaits you in every area of your life!

Jessica has given readings and practiced healing for 40 years, in her native England and her adopted home of Hawaii. Qualified psychotherapist and life coach, with a successful hospital clinic and private practice in the UK until 2009, she attributes her success to a unique therapeutic approach, drawn from her clinical training, psychic awareness, shamanic skills and her personal experience of being healed.

 As a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, for 28 years Jessica lived the private hell of eating disorders, losing and gaining hundreds of pounds. After a lifetime of battling weight, food, poor self-image and failing health, she was led into spiritual practice. This practice delivered Jessica from eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships, trauma from sexual and physical abuse, chronic psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, complex migraine, spinal injury and chronic fatigue syndrome.

As a result, Jessica was guided into working with others who had eating disorders and emotional damage. Jessica’s psychic skills were honed by her years as part of a shamanic healing order; practicing cutaway (of old relationships/behaviours/attachments) rites, calling in (of a life partner, life purpose or soul-group) rites, vision quests, sweat lodge ceremonies, hand-fastings, initiations, rites of passage and naming ceremonies. The youngest of eleven children, Jessica is married, with one biological child and three adopted children.
She and her family live in rural Hawaii with their six dogs. A licensed foster parent in the UK and Hawaii, Jessica has parented over twenty children and teens. She qualified in organizational and motivational psychology throughout the years she worked in business and spent her leisure time helping children with special needs. Her decision to further qualify as a psychotherapist was based on her own experience of single-parenting, recovery from eating disorders and a profound spiritual awakening.

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