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About Jody

My name is Jody and I am a Psychic Medium, a Clairvoyant, an Empath, and an Intuitive. I have had many experiences, dreamed about events that have then happened and known/felt things my entire life. My abilities allow me to channel information regarding your love life, career, family and business as well as any other situation. I provide predictions and details about the future, as well as timelines. I have had many life experiences that have helped me relate to my clients. I will make sure that you will feel a connection immediately in a reassuring, compassionate, honest yet precise way.

The first experience that I remember involved attending a birthday party that I had really been looking forward to going to for several weeks. I was somewhere around the age of 5 or 6 years old and I had been talking about this party for weeks. On the day of the party, I woke up and told my mom that I wasn’t going and that if I did go I was going to cut my leg off (I had a dream the night before that I cut my leg or cut it off at this party). I was thoroughly convinced that I was not going to attend this party because I was going to get hurt and I cried and begged to stay home. Of course, my mom felt awful about it and made me go anyway because she felt I would have a good time and that made perfect sense she didn’t want me to miss out after I had looked forward to it for so long. So I went to the party. While playing I was running around in the yard with the other kids and fell over a rope for a tent. And of course, I landed right on top of one of those old metal hollowed out tent stakes from the 70s and ended up getting stitches. That was my first experience (that I remember) of knowing things that other people wouldn’t understand or couldn’t explain. I have had many, many of these types of experiences throughout my life including being touched, seeing dead people and even more recently meeting my spirit guide Louis.

I use my psychic gifts to help others to feel connected to God and spirit and I am able to pick up information for you and I will make sure that I will be empathic and gentle while delivering an accurate reading about/regarding your job, career, health, travel and love life and any situation that you need to provide you inner peace and solace. There are several ways that I get information: I hear/know information I see images I feel physical symptoms and pain I get examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information I get.

An experienced Psychic Medium

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