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Natural born psychic medium/ healer and spiritual mentor.

Julie is a natural born Psychic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Mentor and has worked internationally for over 15 years. She receives consistently clear, insightful and honest messages that can help you in your endeavours on Love, Relationships, Career, Finances and Family issues. She is non-judgmental, precise and honest and can provide great insight into any situation that you are in right now.

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About Me

I began using my gifts at a young age and as a young adult, I attended every workshop, seminar, and event I could to understand the 'spiritual world' and myself more. I have an unmissable passion and mission to assist my clients in taking control of their own life with on-point and significant candor and advice. I empower people in all aspects of their life and business. My sessions delve deep into the soul where detailed information regarding certain aspects is discussed. I work closely with you to clear and heal blockages that will then open you up and allow the positive energy to flow through. If you would like to change your life, health, relationships, money flows, limiting self-image beliefs or would like to start living your purpose then my proven, successful sessions are for you.
I am blessed that I have been given the opportunity to surround myself with some of the top Shamans, Psychics and Energy Healers from around the globe, all too willing and eager to assist me on my journey to make a difference, no matter how great or small as all shifts, I believe, can change your energy significantly. With all this support, I have easily been able to unlock my own natural healing abilities to bring a state of creativity, inspiration and bliss to my clients; personally and professionally. I not only use my natural gifts, but a set of tools and processes that have been passed down to me that heal the body, mind and spirit, that activate my clients own spiritual and intuitive abilities, clear any limiting beliefs to create what they desire in their own lives with total ease; all this makes for an experience that is uplifting, profound and healing.

I can easily connect with a loved one who has crossed over, bringing you the messages and validation needed for healing. Connect with me and I will assist you on your journey. With infinite blessings, abundance and prosperity always.



Psychic Medium,
Energy Healer
Spiritual Mentor
Worked internationally for over 15 years


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