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Direct/ honest/ accurate. No tools necessary.

Direct, Honest, Accurate and Practical is Karey's approach. No tools necessary as she reads from a soul perspective viewing energy, personalities, probabilities and answers to situations, people and places that is tailored for each of your concerns. Her almost 3 decades of experience helps her relate to any situation and has proven ability to see underlying beliefs, limitations and others aspects that provide clients with truthful insights.

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About Me

Hello Dear One, I am a Medium, Healer, and Teacher and I specialize in helping you empower your life with right choices. I can help you find and embrace love and happiness. I've been a successful intuitive agent of change and healing since 1991. (I actually began my work at the age of 7 by spontaneously channeling the Masters!)

I also do 'Soul Readings' to help you see your life from a well-rounded perspective. There is a lot to be learned when looking at one's soul. Relationships of all types can be enhanced, mended, and embraced as we find truth and understanding. Love, career, family, and friends are all relationships that require attention and understanding.

As a good Reader and Listener, I offer and provide clarity and guidance in an empathic, comforting and polite way. I fill my readings with sincere compassion and healing vibes and maintain a great conversational pace while providing insights.

During a reading, I may channel: Angels, Saints, Masters, Relatives, Friends, Pets, Situations, etc. Once we find truth and understanding, I am also trained in many modalities and can do Theta, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, and Hypnotherapy right over the phone for immediate healing! If you are struggling with low energy frequencies, I can teach you how to handle ghosts, astral projections, elementals, and psychic incursions while maintaining your optimal vitality.

For answering a quick question, deep healing, or for planning/executing life change, I am here for you. By the end of our reading, you will feel rejuvenated, renewed, and valued by a positive mindset. Blessings to you and thank you for your interest! Let's talk soon!



I am an author, as well as, a very experienced coach and relationship advisor. I have been channeling the Masters since I was 7 years old. As a psychic Medium. 

I have worked the lines professionally for the last decade and have developed a quick, realistic approach to understanding yourself and others from the energy, soul and probability prospective.

Coaching/mentoring others to learn their magic, gifts and talents is a passion of mine and has been successful at this since the early 1990s.

I am trained in many modalities of healing and can help you modify and heal your situation over the phone. Channeling anyone with a soul, here or there is easy for me and I look forward to helping you connect with your loved ones.


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