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Gives straightforward guidance.
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About Larissa

I am a psychic, intuitive, accurate, empathic, down to earth tarot reader. I connect to the universe and my ancestors to really connect to my clients to get to the core of the situation they may be going through. As everyone needs clarity and guidance from the highest good. I am straight to the point with my readings and very understanding and most of all a great listener. I also use Oracle and Angel cards to add to the reading to see if the universe has any extra guidance for you. There is no situation too complex or emotionally wrought that I cannot offer guidance in a caring manner.

I do care deeply for humanity as I feel as ever before human beings are needing spiritual guidance and enlightenment. I deal with love, relationships, family, career, finances, etc. As I have true life experience in all of those areas. So if you are needing clarity. I am here to guide you to the light. It is my life purpose Peace, love and light. I am able to identify and answer any question, I also receive specific, detailed guidance as to business and/or career outcomes. My insight may not always be what you want to hear, but rest assured it comes from a place of compassion and is what you need to hear.

With over 10 years of experience in doing readings and spirituality. It has been such an expanding experience. It's all about living and being in the true essence of who you truly are. I have dealt with a whole range of different people needing clarity and truth. I realized since my teenage years that I was I tune to my authentic self. I felt that I was put on earth to truly help humanity.

As friends used to ask me "How did I know a certain thing was going to happen two weeks later?" and I told them that it's all about being truly connected to your higher self. And since then, I have been on this fantastic journey of spirituality and guiding people. I get so much comfort and joy from connecting with people to give them the clarity they are seeking. I want you to finish the reading with a detailed plan and specific guidance, regardless of what difficulty or feelings you are experiencing in the present moment. We have loving guides around us who are aware of our past, present and future. 

I speak with a soft tone but offers straightforward guidance with compassion and sincerity. I hope to help you on your life's journey by providing the information that will serve your soul's highest purpose. I am all about humanity so I do look forward to hearing from you. 

My Experience:

Over 10 Years of Experience
Tarot Reader
Oracle and Angel Card Reader

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