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About Lisa

From a very young age, I have communicated with Spirits and I have as well predicted the death of my grandfather. Since then, I have received an awakening and started following my passion of healing and helping others. My strongest communication from Spirits is received through visions, hearing words or phrases, feeling sensations throughout my body and a simple knowing of what Spirit wants to communicate. I have developed these skills through training, workshops, and retreats and now have the ability to teach others.  I work hard for my clients so they can walk away from their readings feeling clear and like they are strong enough to handle anything that comes their way. 
I believe all things happen for a reason, and it's my goal to help you understand your messages. I am here to bring you peace of mind and inspire you to follow through on your goals. I am here to give you as much help as possible.  I am truthful, even if the messages from Spirits are not the ones you are hoping for. I am extremely accommodating and helpful and your comfort and clarity are my top priorities. Currently, in my spiritual practice, I help people shift belief systems with the use of Oh Cards which are a counseling and psychotherapeutic tool that I have found useful in assisting others in identify where they are not loving themselves and being able to put love back into these places have created amazing results. For example, these cards have helped my clients face issues involving their careers, family problems, childhood traumas, fertility and relationship issues. These cards help tell their story and help them access their conscious and subconscious mind which allows them to gain invaluable information on how to move forward on their life path.
Psychic readings, when done properly, give people a better understanding of their situation from the inside out. Personal feelings don’t get in the way, and the ultimate goal is to banish confusion and improve the chances for a better outcome. Throughout my training, I have learned the skill of holding sacred space for others. Therefore, with my heart-centered, compassionate and caring manner my clients feel supported, loved and are able to heal through even the most difficult of challenges. I will always set the intention for your highest and best good and give you the most accurate reading possible because we are ALL connected and I want the very best for you in your life.  
Most people know that the problems they have stemmed from themselves, but they may be hesitant to admit it. People call me because they want someone to help them draw their self-knowledge out of them in a gentle way. They call me because they want acceptance and kindness, no matter what they’re experiencing or what they’ve done.
A reading is a special gift and a profound responsibility. I am here to shed light and to always inspire hope. I love guiding people through their difficulties, concerns or challenges. I take great comfort in seeing anxious people calmed, and worried people empowered. If you want a happy life, you must make sure you’re on the right path. That can be hard to determine, but for me, it’s all in a day’s work.
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Love & Relationship; Career & Work; Soulmate Reading

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