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My Clients are my #1 Priority. Provide a deep personal peace with my gifts. 

Her expertise is in the area of discernment regarding relationships and knowing the difference between "Twin Flame" or "Soulmate". She will guide you to your highest calling whether it be career or life path. Magdalene has worked many years in the health care field, with an emphasis on nutrition, she address the issues of Mind Body and Spirit, the true trinity of wellbeing.

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About Me

I am a Shaman and Intuitive Healer being Blessed with gifts starting as a young child in which I had dreams and a "knowing" of things that came true. My path of Light was confirmed as I became Ordained in my later years as a Minister and Melchizedek Priest. I am an attuned Reiki Practitioner Master Level with the ability to see past lives. This is shown to me when the soul of my client is either stuck in a pattern or they are about to discover who they truly are and it helps them on their path. I have studied extensively on nutrition, psychology and all things relating to metaphysical. I work with the tools of tarot cards. I am also a Medium and have been given the ability to connect with loved ones that have passed on. I give of myself completely to those that offer their trust in me and I hold myself accountable to the Creator to use this gift always for healing. To me it is truly a miracle to be able to help in this way.



35 Years of working to help others in my own private practice
5 Years International Psychic website
Ordained Minister and Melchizedek Priest
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Trained in Nutrition and Psychology
Reiki Practitioner Master Level
Past Life Regression
Shaman/Medicine Woman


349 Feedback & Reviews

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