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Gives clear guidance to gain clarity. 
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About Martina

I am a gifted Psychic / Intuitive Reader who has a natural knowing and ability to communicate with spirit. Providing messages with clarity, honesty whilst providing the sitter with information that will help enable them to make positive choices. I empower my clients to make the best choices possible, and my favorite subjects to read are love/relationships and life path. I have the unique ability to quickly create a deep and meaningful connection with each client, and inspire trust. I can help you get to the heart of an issue, and feel understood on an emotional level.
My style is honest and understanding. You can ask me direct questions or talk to me about the situation and I will take the reading from there. I deal effectively with complex issues that require a very sensitive approach. I like to give support and guidance to help callers gain clarity. I just do what I do - I prefer not to have a label but if I did then it would be a Psychic / Intuitive Reader. From a young age my abilities were present, but I chose to ignore them, as I grew, I popped in and out of the spiritual community. In the last 7 years I have been more in than out, my connection has grown stronger and has taken a front row presence in my life. I am lucky to have many different ways I connect, working with my guides, using my clairvoyance, connecting directly with spirit and reading from my oracle cards to mention a few. I am a big believer that there is no wrong or right way to do this kind of work as we are like waves. They come in many shapes and forms. While all waves share some basic characteristic properties, they are never the same. The same goes for Psychic's, Clairvoyant's, Mediums and Healers.
It is very important for me to help clients feel valued as individuals, understood, supported, and reassured by providing intuitive, thoughtful, and insightful readings that take into account past and present situations when considering options for the future. We are our own Energy. I am a Healer and use Reiki every day, my journey around the globe which has taken me to many countries has allowed me to look at life in a different perspective. My 5 weeks in Rishikesh, India doing my Yoga Teacher Training was a very enlightening time which opened up many channels into the healing properties we have within ourselves.
My most recent enjoyment has been presenting workshops to help likeminded self’s to go inward to exam and experience their own intuition, helping them build their own toolbox. Life is about helping each other and sharing our journey.

My experience in Reiki, Therapy, and Life Coaching allows me to heal my callers, provide clear insights, and help them to identify and remove obstacles. I am participatory and confident in my readings. Always remember you are the master of your own destiny, can be the game-changer of your path, and the outcome.
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Usui Reiki Master
Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2

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