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Provides insights on your soul’s purpose.
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About Mat

My name is Mat and I bring you guidance from Spirit on love, relationships, career, life direction and soul purpose. I am a clairvoyant and astrologer, I will tailor my approach to intuitively guide you with the messages I receive. All of my reading are done for you from a place of non-judgmental universal care and service. I am here to help.

I have been practicing for many years and through my practice, I have found that I have achieved a high level of clarity and precision in my readings. My messages are delivered directly from Spirit. I tell you what you need to know gently, respectfully, and with understanding, though I am not one to sugar-coat things. I tune into your energy quickly, forming a connection and receiving messages specifically for for you in divine timing.

I pride myself on finding the silver lining and lessons out of any situation, providing a perspective which uplifts and empowers you. My readings will give you the confidence to face challenges and celebrate outcomes without fear. I provide insights into the nature of your soul’s purpose, and guidance on how to live that purpose in your day to day life, leaving you reassured and inspired to move with grace through life’s ups and downs.

My honest, compassionate, and down to earth approach is authentic and healing  My readings are described as warm, caring, reassuring and enlightening, with a focus on providing you with the answers you seek.

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