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About Mike

I am a compassionate and straightforward reader that can help you change the color of your aura so you feel happier, lighter and cleaner. My favorite topics to discuss with my clients include love, spiritual awakenings, dreams and romance, Career, Finance Personal growth and emotional well-being. With my clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic abilities, I can see your plans and motivations to get the dates of upcoming events. I am very detail-oriented and explore all possibilities using my abilities to get you the most accurate information.

Aside from drawing on modalities which include Astrology and Numerology, 2 factors are employed during my reading. One is a pack of Tarot cards (the Rider/Waite, the Tarot of Marseille, or the Egyptian deck) and its knowledge, the other is the greater power of my psychic intuition. My service will either help you solve your problems, or give you knowledge about yourself, your life experiences, and what you eagerly want. 

My reading is a special thrilling experience that empowers you and clarifies the issues that are important to you, but what's more, it enriches you and enriches your life. It gives you deep insight and clarity. It allows you "to move forward in a helpful direction, toward the resolution of conflicts, on the path of realization and progress, toward greater joy, creativity, peace, and prosperity". My job as your psychic is to tell you what I see is happening and what can happen based on your next choice(s).

My abilities were determined and influenced by my genes, which are of an Egyptian bloodline. I am a third-generation clairvoyant after my Egyptian grandmother and mother who read regular playing cards and coffee cups. My experience as a professional began after meeting my mentor at the ripe age of 18. He trained and honed my craft and my skills as a psychic, as well as a reader of the Tarot. He was a renowned and highly acclaimed psychic clairvoyant in his own right. I also tap into experience which is to do with healing, balancing, and strengthening your aura. 

I hope to reconnect people to their source to find peace and understand their life's purpose.

MY Experience

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