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Highly sought after psychic with mind blowing accuracy.

Nicolette is an Honest and accurate Clairaudience and Clairsentience and has been in the industry for more than 10 years now. She is a highly sought after Psychic and Medium in her area and has a very open mind. She offers mind blowing accuracy and at the same time provides a pleasant and soothing reading.

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About Me

I am an Australian trained Psychic. I share valuable and genuine insight. I deliver my readings in a kind and caring manner and at the same time sensitive and optimistic about your future endeavors. I do not believe in telling people what they want to hear, I prefer to give my gift in an honest and open manner. I offer mediumship skills as well. I use my angel and crystal cards as tools and also have a crystal ball where I see many visions and I will assure you that I will understand your situation.
I am devoted to sharing my gifts of wisdom.  I give wonderful insights into relationships of every kind especially love relationships.  I also specialize into career and family matters. I pass over messages from loved ones and can analyze your dreams with astounding accuracy. I prefer straightforward and no-nonsense, rather than sugar-coating words just to please every client. 
I am deeply compassionate and have a lot of experience. I value honesty and compassion and deliver my readings in this manner.  I believe in the power of positivity and my angels are always with me to assist in my readings. I absolutely love what I do and put my heart and soul into every reading.



I am fortunate enough to be insightful and highly gifted with the ability of clairaudience and clairsentience. As a child, I always had imaginary friends who are now my spirit guides. I have been mentored and taught by a British medium.

My family and friends have always had the benefit of my gifts. I have always been the Go to person in a crisis.  
I have sat in many Psychic development circles and attended many Psychic fairs where I am always booked out and have received wonderful feedback.

I am fortunate enough to have the gift of dream premonitions.


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