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Intuitive empath, with higher dimensional insights.

Penny is a Metaphysical Life Counselling Authority, Energy Healer and a Psychic Guide. Exploring your metaphysical-self offers access to the unlimited resources and infinite potential that are yours to discover.

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About Me

Hi, I am called Penny, which is a nickname for Penelope. Penelope means weaver. I am gifted in helping people weave the 3 dimensional aspect of themselves with their higher dimensions. I am a metaphysicist, a teacher, a writer, a healer, and a metaphysical life counselor. 

Metaphysical Life Counselling (MLC) is life enhancing guidance that has been created with the use of metaphysical knowledge. This approach gives credibility and prominence to metaphysics. Meta-physics literally means beyond physics. MLC encourages us to go beyond what is visible, by exploring all aspects of our existence. Metaphysics has workable parameters that give predictable results when the correct guidelines are followed. It is not mystical or magical; It only seems so because we don't yet understand its intrinsic functionality. Metaphysics is dynamic and therefore its exploration endless. Still, its research and study is my lifes work.

Over the past 40 years I have gained a solid understanding of what this branch of physics means and how it can be applied in our lives and I am learning more each day. 

When I first work with a client I like to offer a few reminders. I call them reminders because these are things we often know subconsciously and have simply not been able to access. Besides the obvious 3D carbon based unit we see as a reflection in our mirror, we are also multidimensional, beautiful and unique energy beings. By becoming more in touch with this energy - metaphysical - aspect of ourselves, we become more aware of our true potential and the greatness within. 

According to the Smithsonian Institution, what we see makes up about 4% of what is. Go ahead, look beyond the obvious and peek into that other 96%.

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My expertise is founded in innate talent, life experience, and over 40 years of research and study, with an academic background including a studies in theosophy, (the combined study of metaphysics, science, theology and philosophy) accreditation in life coaching, credentials in finance, Increased Human Effectiveness (IHE), Interpersonal Skills Development (ISD), as well as studies in hermeneutics, and language.

I am an intuitive empath, a Usui Reiki Master, and a metaphysical healing master. For a few years I worked as a life coach/consultant/facilitator for a corporation in Canada. From there I developed a metaphysical/spiritual life consulting approach that more fully utilizes the scope of my strengths and studies.

I have founded a Metaphysical Ambassadors group called The Lighter Side, and am creator of the Transformational Life - Physical and Metaphysical Educational Resources program, on which MLC is based. 

I am author of the book Masterpiece - Creating Your Life as a Masterpiece and contributing author of the book Holistic Fashionista Memoirs.

All of my services operate from a metaphysical base. 


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