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Master Psychic, Powerful Clarity, 3rd Generation
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About Psychic Carole

Please know that you are never alone as spirit are always with you. Their advice is gentle and often all that is needed is a nudge in the right direction that can have a transformational effect on your life. In every moment you are making choices that will affect you in the future, what you do right now is of the utmost importance since right now in this very moment you are creating your future. This is how life got you to where you are right now! You made choices and now you see the product of all those choices before you. If you don't like what you currently see, choose again. Simple.
Spirit work with you in profound ways helping you to see how your path is unfolding, showing you where you should proceed and where you should hold back. You may have committed to a course of action that does not serve your greatest good. Spirit help you to be realistic in what you are doing and suggest new ways that are often only a subtle change but can be the factor that brings you just what you need when you need it.
I was born psychic inheriting my gift through my father's line. He was the most amazing psychic I have ever known, a great teacher with wisdom that would touch your soul. His mother, my grandmother read tea leaves and was always making predictions which I as a child found fascinating since she was always correct; family parties were never boring! I was always aware that I too shared the gift and it was sometimes quite a burden as a child as I would often blurt out statements that would get funny looks from people who were not expecting messages.
Throughout adolescence I developed my gift through working in a psychic circle and learnt how to direct my energies. It has always been of great importance to me that I use my gift for the highest good of others and that is the position I always come from. No matter what your question, there is always an answer. You can change your reality right now.

My abilities are:

Born Psychic. 
Clairsentience and Empath.

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