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About Ria

I am a very caring compassionate and honest reader, who cares deeply about people and their lives, and students whom I teach the Tarot to, say my lessons are like counseling sessions. I have a deeply compassionate nature that helps me connect with my callers and it is my mission to help them understand their place in the world better so that they can live their best life.

I empower clients to find their own spirit within, give them the tools to take back control of their lives to lead a more loving and fulfilling life. We all have the ability to lead happy and fulfilling lives but sometimes we just need some help and guidance to unlock our true spirit and purpose here on earth. My insight and compassion come from a place of empathy and personal understanding. I am a very caring and honest person and my readings reflect that I work very closely with my higher self and guidance system to give clients the information they need to take their next step and I enjoy working with a wide variety of topics with straight forward and very in depth with each subject.

I am an Accredited Tarot Reader and Medium and have learned the skill of life guidance. I have been reading professionally now for the past ten years but have been studying the Tarot for a good 20 years and I have a unique approach to the Tarot spread is amazingly effective in psychic predictions and confirmations. I have read in shops, psychic dinners, psychic events, Tarot parties, corporate events, Hens nights, as well as teaching the Tarot for the past five years. I am also a medium and work very closely with Spirit. I believe I am here to help people in need and it gives me great joy to do just that.

I strongly believe in anyone's ability to change the course of their life. Without a doubt, we are the creators of our reality. We have within us the ability to bring about the life we want, but it always starts with the self and our own empowerment. We can always shift our perspective. So if you need a truly gifted and non-judgmental Reader who is on point, grounded and down to earth, compassionate, extremely intuitive, honest and will never sugarcoat, you are on the right path.

My Experience is: 

Reading professionally for 10 years.
Tarot Expert for 20 years.
Accredited Tarot Reader and Medium.

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