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A intuitive empath and Energy Healer. 
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About Shakti

I am an Intuitive Empath, Tarot reader, Energy Healer, and Tantrika who has clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. I have a degree in psychology and have studied astrology for many years. On top of my natural psychic abilities, I use the knowledge I gained from these sciences to give readings that are in depth, thorough and holistic.

I have always been in touch with the spiritual world ever since I was a child. I started learning tarot cards in my teenage years and I have spent over a decade learning many different sacred mystical arts. I have travelled around the world studying Yoga, Tantra, Dance and Meditation. Through my Tantric studies, I have become more connected to the divine and my psychic abilities have grown immensely.

During our reading, my main aim is to empower you to make healthy decisions and help you to find solutions which will lead you to carve out a more meaningful destiny. I allow myself to be the link between you and the spiritual world and I translate the messages clearly so you can easily understand them easily. Within Tarot cards exists a story of our lives as do the hidden keys for us to unlock the lives we truly want to live. 

I specialise in Love and Relationship readings, True Love/ Soul Mate Readings,  Career Readings and Life Direction Reading, Astrology Readings- Natal and Birth Chart Readings, Transits, Love and Compatibility

My Experience:

Tarot Reading
Love Coach/ Love Readings
Career and vocation Readings
Astrology Reading- Birth Chart and Transits
Angel Cards and Messages
Love Coach/ Love Readings
Spiritual Coaching
Energy Healing

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