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About Shalini

I am simply an Intuitive with a corporate background that has practiced this skill throughout the years. I've shifted outside the corporate realm to commit to helping others. I believe that by helping others, I am also helping myself as our vibrations collide and dance together for a moment in time. For as long as I can remember, I've been able to connect to the spiritual realm both in an awakened and dream state. Using the metaphysical senses I am a conduit between worlds, acting as a bridge. Having experienced all walks of life, I know what a well-rounded reader should be. And if I were the one calling for a psychic reading, I would expect my psychic to relate to all kinds of people like I do.

I specialize in matters of love, career, and finance.  I consider myself to be an HSP (highly sensitive person) so it is important for me to relay messages in an intuitive yet empathic way so it resonates with the receiver. The art of words continues to reign supreme with my being. There is a sense of harmony and joy when I'm able to assist others, it allows my soul to feel full as I'm able to give back in an intentional way.

I intentionally work with energy in multiple forms, thus trying to optimize the reading experience so clients can obtain as much guidance as possible. I've had about +5 years of experience and as these skills continue to evolve as do my offerings. Oftentimes when conducting a reading, I ask myself, would I want to read/listen to what I'm saying? If not, then something is wrong! When conducting readings, I ask clients to focus on an area of their life or ask a specific question they'd like to gain clarity on. Some clients will just want to gain insights into the future which I am certainly happy to assist with. Energy work can come in many forms. I choose to focus on predominantly using the metaphysical senses (clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentience, mediumship, remote viewing etc.) as well as intertwining the usage of tarot and oracle cards. I find that this allows for gathering information from different energy forms as well as paints a clearer picture to provide information for the cause at hand. Topics - Career Financial Relationships Spirit Guides General Energy Reading (30 day focus or between a 30-90 day time frame) Tarot Card Reading (focussed) Oracle Card Reading (using animal or goddess deck) Chakra Energy Reading Dream interpretation.

Spiritual Guide Intentional and ethical. An energy guide providing clarity on an area in need. I have gone through extensive training over the years and I want to share my psychic gifts and decades of life experience with you. If you're looking for a compassionate, yet supportive reading, look no further than me.

My Experience: 

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