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About Susan

As a natural born energy worker and multidimensional seer/traveler, I have assisted people with spiritual connection, healing, energetic freedom and transformation, as well as communication with beings from other realms my whole life. I have been deciphering simple to complicated issues, within all from matters of the heart and finances to divine guidance. I encourage affirmative manifestation to help my clients fulfill their destiny and I believe that finding ones joy is a vital step in doing so.

I am not just a psychic and a medium, but I also have a long experience with clearing out bad energies, no matter if they come from humans or other sources. I have been in this field my whole life and worked professionally in it since two decades. I consistently work on improving my skills. With practice, I have also become very skilled in helping lost souls to let go and pass on. 

I take pride in knowing that every person that has been in one of my sessions or seminars has reached new levels in their consciousness and personal life, sometimes profoundly. I conduct all my work with deep compassion. I’ve seen and felt a lot and I have an open mind and spirit. I do tell people the truth, even when it is challenging. 

I do my best to assist you in reaching your greatest potential from this moment in time and onwards.

I mainly rely on my natural abilities within my work. Having had this ability my whole life, I naturally have a lot of friends in other realms - angels, fairies and other loving beings - who are ready, even eager, to assist you. I believe that our joy is our greatest guide and I look forward to assisting you in finding yours. On occasions I work with a large variation of card decks for inspiration. No matter what - you can rely on that I offer you my services a loving and safe space.

I am a positive, outgoing and straightforward person. My readings are compassionate and I am here to comfort you. I walk the path of the heart, as good as I can. I enjoy practicing reverence and to refine my ability to serve others every day. I have studied and worked for several Elders and I attended various seminars to develop and deepen my abilities. Studies in other fields, at the university and/or deep personal studies, helps me see things from different perspectives. My interest has mainly been in the fields of sociology, psychology, mythology, metaphysics, regenerative culture, environmentally friendly practices, theoretical physics and history of science and ideas.

I have given private and group sessions since 20 years. I want to make a positive difference in all of my clients’ lives. I am here to inspire, advice and connect with people, using highly qualitative guidance practices. I have often gotten exceptional feedback. 

My Experience:

20 Years of Experience; organizations, groups, networks, individuals

Transformational Psychic
Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Empathic
Multidimensional Seer/Traveler
Healing Circle Leader
Energetic freedom and transformation
Communication with beings from other realms

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