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About Susan

I am a 3rd generation Empath, Psychic and a Medium along with also having the abilities to feel (Clairsentient), to know (Claircognizant), to smell (Clairscent)  and to hear (Clairaudient). I noticed my gift as a child when things seemed very different to me, I was experiencing things/life in a different way from other people. I would remember being places I have never been before, I remember 3 different past lives; I would know things without knowing and feel and see things without knowing why. The medium part of my gift allows me to communicate with spirits (your loved ones), Spirit Guides and Angels. There may be times when loved ones will not come through - as it is totally up to them if they feel like talking.

The psychic part of my gift allows me to see the past, present and the future. It is really important to me that I deliver your reading in an honest, patient compassionate and sensitive manner. I can help you see things in a positive light versus the negative and that you are never alone in your life’s journey. I do not use any tools for a reading; This is where the clairvoyance comes in - as it helps me to “tune into” you more so I can get to the bottom of what’s challenging you. My intuition helps reveal the truth so you can get what you desire quicker.

I have astral projected a few times which this is not my favorite. I can see in my normal everyday life how things used to be I have been reading for 3 years now that my children are grown, I have my own psychic medium business as well and as that continues to grow along with myself as a psychic medium, I am loving my abilities more and more every day. My mission is to provide you with an excellent reading with compassion and accuracy and to help you with direction and guidance in a positive, loving manner.  I am able to communicate with my Spirit Guides, Angels and your loved ones that have passed on to relay messages to you to help you feel empowered to handle the challenges you are currently facing.

I enjoy my gift(s) that I am blessed with from God. I am here to help you change your life for the better and excited to announce that I am beginning to work with detectives on cold cases of missing people. I am confident that my Spirit Guide, Angels and you’re passed loved ones (if they choose to) will be able to communicate messages to you that will help you in the journey of your life. I take my gift(s) very seriously and I give my all to my clients. I love what I can do and how I can help others as helping others has been my passion my whole life!

My Readings can include but not limited Messages from Spirit Guides, Angels and your loved ones that have passed in regards to love/relationships, career, finances, family life, social life. Dream interpretations will come in to play at the time as well. Past life experiences will come into play at times as well. Visits from loved ones that have passed with a touch and/or hug.

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