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About Tameera

I am an intuitive, astrologer and numerologist with 20+ years experience. Through your name, birthdate and tarot I receive guidance for you. I specialize in life direction, relationships, compatibility, career.

I started astral travelling during my late teens and learned astrology at the age of 10. I began readings in my mid 20’s. I thought it was natural for everyone to see into others through astrology and numbers. My reading style is intuitive empathic clairsentient, tuning in through astrology and numerology; I’m able to receive further guidance for you through tarot. I’ve not only been taught by some of the best in the world whilst developing my own expertise, readers have been a large part of my spiritual guidance in life over the years.

Sharing my gifts with others is my passion in life. What do you like most about offering psychic readings? I love to give people peace of mind, confirmation from the past and clarity for the future. To empower others and help them understand about themselves and their loved ones. Also to guide people on the right path and help them through difficult times, particularly with broken hearts. I will provide all the detail all that I see and will help guide you with a down to earth point of view and work hard to break down negative information with a positive outlook. I believe we need to look forward to things, not allow them to shut us down. I am here to assist, empower and help my clients explore all possible paths forward, and help them choose the most positive, beneficial path for them and provide precise information that you require to accept a renewed perspective and life path.

I am one of the most sought-after intuitive, astrologer, numerologist and Feng Shui specialist with over 20-years’ experience who loves helping people. Through your name, birthdate and address, I receive a picture – it’s how I receive guidance for you. My passion for sharing the ancient science of numbers, planets and energy is contagious. I have a sincere desire to serve you through my gifts. I live and breathe my work - my mission is to unite with like-minded others worldwide, empowering and guiding to you live your best life. Over the years, I have acquired valuable knowledge and experience, working closely with traditional healers and shamans. With my help and assistance, you can live the life you were meant to live.

Discover the great life you should be living.

My Experience:

Intuitive, Astrologer and Numerologist
20+ years Experience
Feng Shui Specialist

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