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About Tayuka

I’m Tayuka. Naturally gifted psychic/seer. I’m an African traditionalist with a great deal of experience in professional psychic readings have been reading for over 15 years, I also have a great record of professional spiritual help rendered to people off all cultures, races and works of life. Thousands of people from all over the world have had the opportunity to meet me for readings which I must say has changed their lives in one way or the other. You can be the next! I’m here to help and guide your paths and footsteps into happiness, prosperity and meeting your goals and purpose in life.

I’m expert in love & relationships, money & career, twinflames & soulmates, past life, dream interpretation, health & wellness. My predictions are on point, I say it the way I see it. No sugar coating. If you seek truth, accuracy, powerful connection and a great reading you are in the right place. You are a step closer to the solution of your problem when you seek to know it’s cause and how to deal with it. That is why I’m here to assist and will happily do that from the bottom of my heart as it is my purpose on earth.

Feel free to seek clarity and insight on any of the following :

The cause of your love issues
How to improve on a broken relationship
Dealing with a partner who is unfaithful
How to make your love life better
How to attract new love
If he/she is your Soulmate
The cause of your financial problems and how to get rid of them
What career suits you best ?what business suits your star
What the future holds for you
Negative energies and how to get rid of
Accurate time frames
What the future holds for you
Where you’ll be moving next
What is in store for your future and destiny? why people hate you
Stress and emotional problems and more, you are at the right place.

My style of reading is quite simple as all I require from you is simply to provide me your name and date of birth. Once I get your name and date of birth I can connect with you and your situation instantly. I then seek for guidance from spirit guides and give you a reading that is purposeful in your exact situation without wasting your time and energy. I’m quick to connect, fast in reading and accurate in my readings, predictions and timeframes. A reading with me go a long way to change your life because I seek to not only provide you with insights in your situation but also with solutions to your problems and a thorough counsel on how to deal with it.

During readings, you can ask me specific special questions or simply allow me connect with you directly and give you knowledge about your life which you may know nothing or little about. I’m very easy to talk to, so you will always almost never feel any stress seeking clarity in your situation with me. You’re highly welcome to talk to me. 


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