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Gets to the heart of the issue. 
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About Tooty

I have visions, dreams and psychic, out of body experiences that bring forth visions of past lives and spirits of those that have been before us. I see beyond the range of ordinary perception. I have been doing this for the past 20 years. Angels and nature spirits assist me in giving way to open up to the many realms of possibilities. I share my intuition in the areas of romantic and business relationships to enable you to have an advantage in handling future situations. I am here to shed light and to always inspire hope.

I pride myself as being Fast, Honest and Reliable. Due to the speed of the messages received, I do not sugar coat and deliver the message from the other realm as they are. I offer expert advice and my readings are a fluid process that always shed some sort of insight to help you bring enlightenment to your current situation. Helping me give absolute direction and guidance specifically for you. Readings provide insight into one's self as well as their future. Simply understanding where one came from and where one is now can help a person understand where they are going.

I try to really understand and encourage my clients to aim high for their dreams. I am very sensitive to their needs in that particular moment and holds a sacred space for them to be heard and accommodated. My greatest desire always is to be of service in love and compassion. I get to the heart of the issue because your time is just as precious as mine. I like to be tender and tactful but straightforward and practical too. 

Take a deep breath as you allow me to fine-tune your energy directly via my visions and deep intuitive insights from my guides, which helps me share practical guidance This actively aids me in seeing the positive side with each situation and helping explain those blessings and insights.

I aim to make you feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and that you now hold a better understanding of what the past has meant and what the future holds. When you’re going through a difficult time or are feeling confused, even a little bit of guidance and direction can help you get to a more positive place.

My Experiences:

20 years of experience

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