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Love relationships, health & career: Clear, accurate, concise

From Love concerns to Energy Healing, and so much more! Vaishalin is more than willing to offer insights conforming to your queries and situations with no judgment. Succinct, Clear and detailed readings. She can provide you with advice on what you can do to influence things as well as clarify distinct issues. 

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About Me

Around 12-15 years ago, I started seeing a lot of coincidences in my life. In trying to find answers to those coincidences, I stumbled upon a book of Vedic astrology. That was just the beginning of the course of studies for Vedic astrology. However, that did not satisfy my desire. So, I explored more on psychic and intuitive work. I then learned how to read energies using clairvoyance and to read cards as well. I am always into learning new tools and practicing different things to test them before I offer those to my clients. I also receive messages in the form of clairaudience and use my claircognizance skills as well. As a part of being a psychic, I read not only for others but for myself every day. I do regular as well as weekly and even monthly predictions. This helps me leverage the best for my clients and tune my psychic muscles.

As an intuitive Clairvoyant. I use Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience as well as Lenormand cards for my readings. If needed, I also use other tools like pendulum and tarot. I offer concise, accurate and clear readings in a compassionate yet direct manner. My approach is direct and to the point and not into sugarcoating. These approaches have been tried and tested on myself and some close friends of mine.

My readings are very direct and more predictive based on the energy around the question. You can influence or change things using free will. The good thing about reading energy is that if you see something coming up that you don't like.

As a gifted spiritual healer, I can provide you with an insight and a healing on any situation involving behavior, relationships and financial enlightenment.

Aside from the other mentioned above, I can also predict future events, timing of events, etc. by Vedic Astrology readings based on your basic Birth details.

Types of readings:

* Clairvoyant readings
* Psychic readings
* Energy healings
* Career/Finance readings
* Aura readings
* Past life readings
* Yes/No Questions
* Love/relationship readings
* Vedic astrology readings
* Future predictions or fortune-telling
* Timing of Events



Tarot cards
Lenormand cards


12 Feedback & Reviews

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