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About Veronica

I am an experienced accurate Tarot and Oracle reader with 20 plus years of experience in offering advice on all different aspects of life. My experience and gifts do not come from just reading books or taking classes it comes from my psychic sense as well as my gift of Clairsentience. I focus on personal career, business, and financial questions. My goal is to bring forward the guidance, awareness, and tools aligned with your highest potential. I want to see you move on to your next step with positivity and light and of course laughter.

I am a 2nd generation Puerto Rican Psychic that has been taught the magical arts from both of my parents starting at a very young age and has been able to strengthen my many gifts through the art of Tarot and Oracle. A compassionate straightforward reader that has the ability to connect with you and tell you what you need to hear. I do general readings but, I will encourage you to ask questions because I know that time is of the essence and I want to give you the best reading I can in the time that we do spend together. We begin your reading by asking your name. Then as I listen to the vibration and rhythm of your speech I am able to connect to the energy in your voice. When I deliver what I see and feel I do it with empathy, however, I will not sacrifice the truth to spare your feelings. I enjoy helping others explore ways in which they can grow spiritually.

I believe each of us determines our destiny with our thoughts and actions and my answers to your questions can dramatically improve the quality of your life, the goals you want to accomplish, and the degree of happiness you can attain.

I can and will give you the answers you need to fulfill your highest destiny. Once in our session, I connect with your personal energy, and I personally counsel you to help with your needs. I believe that you can manifest the life experiences you want to happen through the power of the law of attraction. 

We’re all on a journey called life. I can be a strong navigational tool for you that makes this journey less complicated. You will gain a sense of direction and faith about the great things happening in your life now and that is always coming your way.

I have a great desire to help others along this journey. Sharing this with you is so important to me because I love helping to bring you clarity and to help put your heart at ease if you are feeling broken and uncertain of the direction you should take.

My Experience:

20+ Years of Experience
Tarot and Oracle

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