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How to apply for a listing and become a Reader using the LifeReader consulting portal

We seek the best psychics in the industry

LifeReader is known in the Psychic and Spiritual Industry as one of the most reputable companies to use to offer your services to a world-wide audience. LifeReader is very selective in only accepting world class professional readers with the highest moral and ethical standards to use the LifeReader platform. If you have psychic abilities and are genuinely interested in helping people then please fill out the application form

Application Questions

review our detailed reader application FAQ below. If you have any further questions please contact us

What some of our psychics say about LifeReader

Having been in this business for more than 30 years, this is by far my best experience. If I were building a website to bring high quality psychics to clients around the world, this is exactly how I would do it.


In all the years that I have done this work I feel so blessed to be a part of a wonderful, authentic and caring team here at Life Reader. Life Reader really cares about their staff and clients. It is like a family to me!

Psychic Aura

I love working for LifeReader. They are like my second family. They are always helpful and compassionate not only to us Psychics but also to our clients.


Staff and management are outstanding. I can come to them with any matter and they always have an open ear.

Dr Sunny Shamanic Healer

Frequently Asked Questions about reader applications

  • You can build your customer base and earn income when and where you wish!
  • LifeReader is a high quality, trusted Reading platform.
  • Earnings are paid directly to your bank account each month.
  • A comprehensive online breakdown of your readings and earnings to date is always at hand.
  • Easily select and change your per minute, multi-currency pricing level.
  • A wide range of esoteric and life-coaching categories attracts a diverse customer base.
  • Global marketing brings you customers around the clock.
  • Positive customer feedback will boost demand for your services and the price you can charge.
  • Absolute privacy and integrity in the handling of your personal information.