How LifeReader Works for You

How to start in 3 Simple Steps

  • 1

    Choose Your Reader

    Browse the home page listing or use the Categories at the top to find a reader.

    Already a registered customer? Just Sign In to your account and go straight to step 3

  • 2

    Register for a Free Account

    Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. To get a reading just complete three simple registration steps.

  • 3

    Directly Connect with Your Reader

    Choose how you want to connect with your reader!

    • Call or Book a voice call to your phone with Click-2-Call
    • Chat online with Online-Text-Chat
    • LifeMail, the LifeReader intramail
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Many ways to Connect with your Reader

  • Talk directly with your chosen reader using your phone with a voice call. Using our "Click-2-Call" method you simply click on the Call button and you are connected with your reader over the phone on your chosen phone number. Simple!

  • Connect with your chosen Reader using LifeReader's secure Online-Text-Chat system. Ideal if you don't feel like speaking or are in a noisy place or at work and can't use your phone. Try for free - 4 minutes Free with each and every Reader.

  • Book and schedule a voice call to your phone. Choose a timeframe to be called in, that suites you. Note that not all booked voice calls can be returned, as sometimes readers are not available during your chosed callback time. Simple!

  • eMail your reader using our IntraMail. Communicate with your reader for free and arrange for reading sessions and ask clarifying questions. Please remember, the reader's gifts don't come for free, their gift and energy work best in a give and take relationship, so please don't expect to get psychic answers and advice similar to that you would get in a paid reading.

What does it cost?

At LifeReader you are in control.

Our Readers per minute rates are clearly displayed on their profile pages. These are the rates which will apply after any Free or Discounted minutes which are valid for your Reading. When you click to start a Reading you will first see a confirmation popup which states all applicable rates for the Reading. Please make sure you read this information carefully before clicking to confirm and start.

Prior to your Reading you can add funds of your choosing to your LifeReader account which you can then use to pay for Readings.

With the Auto-Refill feature turned ‘on’ your preferred payment method will automatically be re-charged when your LifeReader funds are running low, this ensures that your Reading will not suddenly end. The Refill amount is determined by the per minute rate of your session multiplied by the refill duration you have pre-set in your LifeReader account.

All funds remaining after your Reading will stay available on your LifeReader account and can be used for further Readings.

What is this $1 amount on your card statement?

When you successfully register your credit card at LifeReader a temporary pre-authorisation amount of $1 may show on your card statement. Please be assured this is NOT a transaction and will automatically disappear within 7 days as though it were never there. The pre-authorisation just verifies that the card being registered is valid.

What will LifeReader transactions show up as on your card statement?

Purchases made with LifeReader will show on your credit card statement as “LifeReader”. If you ever have any questions about amounts on your statement please contact our Support team via the Contact page and we will be glad to assist you.

If you still have questions, please contact us