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Feedback Review Guidelines

Updated April 8, 2012

Just had an amazing reading or just feel good about what you just experienced? Reviews on LifeReader are a great way to let others know about your experience with a reader.

Had a less than stellar experience with a reader? Reviews on LifeReader can be a good way to share some constructive feedback. If you think others should watch out for a less than professional reader, then its probably better to contact us rather than leave an angry or demeaning review.

What makes a great review?

While there aren't any hard and fast rules around reviews, your reviews should be based on your personal experiences with a reader and their reading. Be honest, constructive and helpful. Try to stay objective and fair.

When writing your reviews, feel free to add a bit of humor, tell a story – remember your review may help others shape their choices about which reader to choose next or have their first reading with.

But my experience was bad?

It happens, you chose a great reader, but they were having an off day or told you what you maybe didn't want to hear or didn't want to be true. The reader you chose turned out to be not quite as you expected. We encourage you to share your experience with others, we do however ask that you stick to the facts, be honest and helpful.

Make sure you talk about the positives as well as the negatives, be constructive – maybe offer some suggestions or tips about how you might have liked the experience to have gone.

Note: we do moderate all reviews. If your review contains bad language, or is slanderous, unconstructive, inappropriate or unrelated to a reading, personally vindictive or defamatory or proven to be unfair we reserve the right not to publish it. Don't worry, you always get a chance to edit & resubmit your review by contacting our support about it.

Why can I not leave a review for a reading?

While we welcome you to leave reviews we do expect you to spend a minimum time in a reading before you can leave a review. Our steadfast rule is that you may leave a review after 3 full rate minutes.

We also restrict the time after the reading to leave feedback to 7 days after the reading. We are currently reviewing this policy. If you want to revise or leave feedback after this time, please feel free to contact customer support

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