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About Angelica

I have been a professional intuitive energy healer, counselor and tarot reader for more than 10 years. My empathic gifts remained unused for many years, however difficult life changing events created a path of healing, soul discovery and growth. Specialising in relationships and your spiritual journey, I work with my master guides and your guides to connect to your situation and provide support and guidance. I articulate and express myself in a gentle, inspirational way that really resonates with my clients. I am here to help you be more compassionate with yourself and in your relationships.

I can connect with callers from all walks of life. I can see, feel, and sense every emotion you’re going through. I will connect with you on a very strong, spiritual level. Together, we’ll get the answers, clarity, and closure you seek no matter what’s concerning you. My abilities will bring that same feeling of safety and comfort to you. I strongly believe that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. Each call or chat has the potential to change a life.

Do you feel confused and need more clarity so you can make empowered decisions about your life? Do you want to know how to improve your close relationship/s or family life? Life is busy and it can get complicated; as humans, we make over 35,000 decisions per day! That’s mind-blowing Even one tiny decision could have you stuck or worried, which can really impact your flow and create stress and resistance. Questions like, what do I need to know about dating this new man? What do I need to know about my new job or boss? What do I need to know about my spiritual journey? I listen with compassion and non-judgment while providing you with accurate and honest insights so you can feel empowered with possibilities and make the right choice for you: because we all have free will at every moment. 

No question is too big or too small! I feel truly blessed to have worked with clients from all over the world and I wish to share what I have learned with others. Let me delve into my toolkit of spiritual goodies to support you on life’s journey!  Everyone who speaks with me will feel stronger and more confident about themselves and their decisions in life and you can expect to feel lots of emotional healing and understanding.

My passion lies in empowering people to realize their worth so they can make decisions that are right for them. Living your true purpose, releasing blocks and honoring your heart’s real desires. When my clients connect with me, they will have the benefit of a soul who can share and empathize with their experience, coupled with nuggets of wisdom that come from having made it through the hardest and darkest of times. I believe I am here to show you that no matter how bad a situation feels, there are always opportunities for growth or learning. Everything that goes down always comes up again.

My Experience:

Certified Reiki Master
Advanced Tarot Reader 
Energy Healer
Meditation Instructor 
Advanced Tarot Reader 

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