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About Cheanne

I am a Professional Psychic, Channel and Spiritual Visionary Artist. I discovered my gifts in my late 20's, when I answered a calling to explore painting, even though I believed I wasn’t naturally creative. I left my Finance and Accounting career to build my life and practice around developing my gifts and art practice. I undertook years of professional development and training, to help obtain a deeper understanding of my gifts, and to ensure that I am a clear channel for those I work with in sessions, and workshops.

I care deeply about empowering and inspiring others to feel the beautiful Angelic and divine presence that guides us. I offer heartfelt and soulful guidance, that provides clarity and direction. Reminding you that you divinely protected and guided at all times on your journey through life.

Working as a Spiritual Visionary Artist, in my paintings, I portray the connection I feel with the beautiful Angelic and Divine presence that guides us through life. Sharing healing messages and wisdom with others through these visions. In sessions, I connect clients with Divine support through directly channelled messages, and a session facilitated without the use of Oracle or Tarot cards. 

I believe in the power of the present moment for creating the future we desire. Bringing healing messages into the NOW offers hope, direction and inspiration as we navigate our life path. 

How a session may support you?

Sessions are powerful and supportive of your own inner healing work. The messages I receive come to help and support you during this transformational experience; 

Helping you to find clarity and direction in times of uncertainty, and during periods of growth and change, 

Offering assistance in understanding and developing your own gifts and intuitive insights, and how you express these in your life; 

Providing understanding and insight into your relationship dynamics and patterns, deepening your awareness, so you feel “you” in relationship to others. 

Insights and answers to specific questions that are weighting on your heart and mind as well as giving you independent, non-judgemental and caring guidance laced with unconditional love.

If you would like to connect for a reading or to know how you can deepen your connection to the Angelic Realm, please feel free to reach out.

My Experience: 

More than 13 years of experience 
Professional Spiritual Mentor Psychic 
Intuitive Guide and Artist 
Spiritual Mentor and Guide 
Advanced Angel Intuitive Practitioner Training USA 
Underwent Advanced Mediumship Mentorship Training 
Underwent Advanced Crystal Therapy Training 
Reconnective Healing Practitioner 
Spiritual Visionary Artist

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