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About Chelsea

I am a natural born clairvoyant, clairsentient, medium, remote viewer and empath, with a medical background and a very literal approach. My 25 years experience as a reader, advisor, and coach has brought me into many different focuses, including paranormal, and a cross approach between psychology and metaphysics for your dream interpretation. My focus is always helping you find your path and always helping you succeed with the free will you have. Everything is written in sand, not stone. I'm here to help you find your way to happiness, health, abundance, and vibrance!
At only the age of four, I had my first mediumship experience, while on a teaching trip with my family to Egypt. With an extreme twist, my first contact with the other side, (and really knowing it was the other side), happened underground in a pyramid in Giza. To this day I have no idea what information this very stern guard was trying to relay, but it has stayed with me to this day. At only 8 years old, I realized the communication and knowledge I would receive was not something everyone received. With a loving and supportive family, I was allowed to develop my gifts over the years, while studying many different cultures growing up.

Because of my background, I've chosen to mentor children and adults alike with the development of their gifts. I speak publicly, have written books on mediumship as well as psychic development, and have found myself with a platform in the limelight on TV and Radio. 

My skill set continues to grow, but I can effectively offer you accurate readings and consultations utilizing an empathic focus, clairvoyance to draw from, mediumship to receive messages from earth bound and crossed over spirits, and remote viewing to accentuate the information you may need at a glance. I read residual energy in dwellings and locations through layers of time.

25 years of experience.

Natural born clairvoyant. 



Remote viewer and empath 

I have had three radio shows of my own, and have costarred on all of season 1 of Haunted Encounters, on the Bio Channel, an A&E network.

I am an Author, Speaker, and Life coach and am happy to offer my services to you when you are ready.

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