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Empowers and enlightens your life.
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About Gail

I am a life maintenance manager extraordinaire and psychic philosopher who can help you empower and enlighten your life. I am a gifted Empath with over 20 years of experience in dream interpretation, tarot reading and life, and psychic advice.

I have been reading tarot for over 20 years and I aim to show people where they are and where they are heading. I empower them to change direction if they are not getting the results they want. Tarot readings identify the energy surrounding a situation and provide a focus for solution based practices.

My favourite subject is dreams. Your conscious dreams – the things you desire, and your subconscious dreams – the ones that you experience whilst sleeping; I can help with both. If you want to create beautiful, loving relationships, prosperity, good health, business success – whatever it is that you want - I can help you make it a reality. We can learn so much from our dreams and use them to guide us and identify obstacles and patterns. Dreams can be used as a problem solving tool or for pure enjoyment. Learning to control and direct your dreams has many benefits. By removing the obstacles to your happiness and identifying new opportunities for love and growth you can begin to change your experiences. I can help unlock the keys to what dreams mean and how to get the most out of our night-time adventures.

I have a keen interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, and neuroplasticity; and this has given me a strong connection and insight into the energetic bodies that surround us and our interaction with the world of form and the world of thought. Every experience and every thought are present in the energetic body. I can identify energetic baggage and show how to let go of it and change the neural pathways associated with it.  Releasing the old and unwanted makes way for the new

My sessions are designed to give clients the insight, honesty, and tools they need to change their lives. I combine intuitive knowledge with life coaching skills to provide practical advice and guidance. We can wait for life to bring us opportunities, or we can create them for ourselves. My readings aim to help people realise they are creating this life, and they have the power to choose and change who they are in every moment.

My Experience: 

Dream Interpretation
30 years Tarot Reading
20 years Life Coaching

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