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Taps into your akashic records.
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About George

As a psychic and intuitive reader, I am able to help reveal your soul contract and your journey that has brought you to this point. Through the lens of astrology I can show you, your strengths and weaknesses and better equip you in life. I love to help my callers through all stages of life. My aim is to be straightforward and compassionate while helping callers achieve transparency. My specialties are love, life, career, and spirituality.

My awakening happened at a young age growing up in Cornwall, England, the land of the Druids and ancient mysteries. I discovered from a young age I had psychic ability and wanted to help others gain greater truths about themselves and about the world around them. My interest in prophecy, astrology, tarot, and our connection to other life forms, both on and off this planet is of great interest, and has led me to where I am today. I am here to help identify the reason, lesson, or positive outcome for every situation. 
At the age of 12, I had a download about Nostradamus and have been refining my gifts since. When I am reading someone's chart, the archetypes come alive and I am able to pull down from the akashic records and help guide people towards their soul contract and path. With many years of experience, I enjoy helping others unlock hidden truths and guiding them to manifesting their true potential. I am here to let my callers not only feel heard and validated when they leave the reading, but also empowered and inspired to take the next step to create their dream life.
I won't hold back on the hard truths, but I will deliver them in a compassionate way and offer solutions and ideas to inspire the change and growth needed to overcome obstacles, heal trauma, and move forward in life.
Finding even the smallest glimmer of hope and gratitude within the toughest situation will help you overcome many obstacles
My Experience:

Akashic Reading

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