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Int'l recognized psychic, spiritual teacher & author.
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About Isabella

I am a world renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher/life coach and best-selling author with extensive and profound spiritual gifts. I have taught millions around the world on television, radio, in lectures and private readings and sessions since my near death experience in the Alps almost 25 years ago. As a young woman I used my psychic gifts to help police departments locate missing and deceased children and adults. I still do today and recently helped locate a missing woman.

My clients will attest to the tangible energy they feel when they connect with me, some describing it as electric light. It is said that everything I pray for another inevitably comes true and people describe feeling vastly different after only one session and often after only one reading. My insights into love, past lives, relationships, soul mates, twin souls, family, career, health and psychic phenomenon have been featured on television and radio.
I have spent more than 30 years evolving my own consciousness so am consistently connected to Spirit (God) and the angels where all my insights, predictions and answers come from. When you call or ring me on chat, I begin invoking your guides and angels before I even answer the phone so you get the most accurate reading. 
If you want accuracy, honesty, integrity, proficiency and high light, I am the real deal. My purpose, my passion, my pleasure and my priority is to serve you and help in anyway Spirit leads me to help you. 
I’ve been called a thaumaturgist, (miracle worker) and am recognized internationally for my gifts in clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship and for my healing abilities. I’ve accurately predicted more than 3,000 events including the tragic events of 9/11, the deaths of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, and as a seer I am able to tap into what is yet to come in the future and the past. I love working with people who are on a spiritual path and want to evolve and in my private practice, I work with the most awakened and evolved souls. My clients include Academy award winning actors, Fortune 500 CEO’s and people from all walks of life.  My clients and former clients often tell me that I have “changed their lives.” Many describe my work as invaluable and my energy as unlike any they’ve known. 
My gifts cover past lives, future loves, career guidance, prosperity issues, healing, meditation, hypnosis, dream interpretation and those struggling with old wounds, addiction or sexual or physical abuse or those just wanting some guidance for direction in their lives. I am also known for my abilities to remove dark forces and neutralize them.

For honest, accurate and succinct answers, give me a call or find me on chat. 

My Experience is:

Love/Soulmates/relationships;  healing, emotional and physical; forecasting the future; mediumship, Clearing demons  and shadows, spiritual counseling/life coaching/spiritual psychology; prosperity and money issues, messages from angels and departed relatives, relocation and career guidance, locating missing persons, past lives, third eye and crown opening, meditation, creating Merkabah, triggering kundalini.

Other Languages: Hebrew

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