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A born Psychic Medium, Who's gifts can change your life!
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About Summer

As a child of nature, I have always spent most of my childhood in the wilderness. My psychic and spiritually gifted father has always taught me about nature, the trees and animals in their surroundings. In 1995 I had a profound personal experience that shaped my life and got me moving in a more spiritual direction.

I experienced an out of the body awareness that began me on an experiential journey of investigating the spiritual domain. At the age 25, there was yet another great awakening, where I noticed my guides were with me. From this moment forth they have guided me ever since, assisting me on life’s path and prompting me to share the insights with those I met along the way.

I pride myself as being Fast, Honest and Reliable. I don’t Sugar Coat stuff; instead tell it how I see it through careful discernment. I offer expert advice promptly and my readings are a fluid creative process that always shed some sort of insight on the situation and are therefore enlightening. Burdens lift and clarity prevails, forming absolute direction and guidance. 

Gifted as a clairvoyant, I have visions, dreams and psychic out of body experiences that bring fourth visions of past lives and spirits of those that have been before us. Angels and nature spirits give way and open up the many realms of possibilities.

I have been practicing for many years and have refined my ability to see very clear images. These images then accumulate to give me understanding of which with time of course I’m able to interpret. The result being my translating of this information into language and knowledge that I can in turn pass directly on to you. 

I find tuning into your energy directly via visions and deep intuitive insights via my guides helps me share practical guidance, which actively aids me to see the positive side with any situation, even when it’s not the outcome one would have personally chosen.

My honest and down to earth common sense is deeply moving, uplifting and inspiring, while remaining genuine and full of integrity. Crystals are also tools that I often tend to use. These greatly amplify my gifts as a clairvoyant, and bring much healing to the reading too. 

My heart-felt care is tangible, my inspiration infectious. Described as a joy after a reading with people, thus earning my reputation as a top reader 




Past life regression

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