11 Signs That You Are An Empath

By Gertrude: So you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. For many of us, the role of an Empath is a slippery slide of emotions, weight, finances and general well-being.

You know, yes you ‘know’… when something isn’t right.

Being an Empath is both the best of times and the worst of times. It often takes many years to get a balance.

These trials and tribulations are like growing pains and often the foundation of inspiring wisdom and insight. On the flip side, experiencing other emotions can take us down dark paths in our own physical and soulful life.

1gertrude2 When we approach being an Empath from love we are able to use it to be more understanding of other perspectives, even when we don’t personally agree. Used in a positive way in personal, business and relationships you become more attune to our partners as well as our own needs.

The opposite of love is fear and when we are tuning into more negative energies we can become off balance in our own lives. Being realistic and pessimistic is difficult and we must learn the difference between them and how to handle the fear that is normal and natural.

The choice is ours. Make empathy one of our greatest attributes or the bane of our lives.

Generally it is in our own love relationships as empaths, we often make our greatest mistakes. Our need to nurture often leads us to those who are happy to take all that we can give, yet give nothing back. Empaths feed on frequencies and will become very emotional when any love connection withdraws.

These relationships come in all forms. Romantic, colleagues and friends. Family is a pivot for the empath and many have had tumultuous issues with parents and siblings. Yet for many empaths they have amazing relationships with their own children.

Many empaths are successful in their careers. Being able to judge moods, have a feel or knack for making colleagues and associates valued in an authentic way. Drawn to healing modalities as well as facilitating and teaching.

While we will never be known for multi-tasking, our ability is to analyze a situation both as an overview and swooping in on the detail.

These are signs that you are indeed an empath:

1: You ‘know’ stuff. Your spider senses work overtime for everyone else. Yet, are ‘clueless’ when it comes to your own direction. In fact, some empaths get the tag ‘know it all’. And that is because many have psychic abilities.

A great way to cope is to simply listen. Not everyone needs to have their problem solved. Yes, you feel compelled to offer help, practical solutions and intuitive insight, however, understand that we need to be invited.

2: You have a built in lie detector. While you know intuitively that you have heard a lie, quite often you try to ignore it. Only to say at the end ‘I knew it’.

Always listen to your inner voice. As empaths we register slight changes in peoples voices and mannerisms that alert us. It is when we over think what we have been told that doubt slips in and we lose the ability to assess. Trust that you will attract the truth to be told. Being honest with ourselves about ourselves and others is important.

3. Your heart literally aches when you hear of animal and human distress. Images on social media are intolerable for you. This can be emotionally as well as physically. Taking on other people’s problems or pain can become literal.

Understand that you can’t take on others problems. Yes, you can supportive, but it is up to each of us to take responsibility for all the decisions we have made. Each person owns their own problems.

4. You’re a hermit. You find it difficult to leave the house and interact with others. You feel awkward socially where previously you were vibrant and energetic. Feelings of anxiety, panic and melancholy can often overwhelm.

Be the hermit that enjoys their own company and doesn’t seek others to fulfill a need. Rather that they are conscious of inviting positive people and experiences only.

5. Your friends and family think you are Mandrake the Magician. You can solve their problems, be in more than one place at the one time and are at their beck and call. Yet, when you look who is supporting you like this, you discover that not even you are looking after you.

6. The Cosmos is beyond miracle and imagination for you. Being drawn to healing and holistic therapies. Seeing symbols like 11:11. Often wondering why and how the current financial and political rhetoric is the norm.

7. Ever the student? Yet, you attract those with whom you can share your knowledge.

You are always seeking answers. Always. You take nothing for granted. You are intrigued by things others give no thought to.

There are many sources of education and knowledge. In nature, libraries, internet, life experience and helping others. Take time out to be a book worm a knowledge seeker.

8. You’re a magnet for control freaks, substance abusers, egotists and the self absorbed.

Because we are great listeners, many people think we are a hitching post for offloading their problems. They become frustrated if we have our own issues we want support with and before we know it are in a full blown codependent relationship. Detach and concentrate on your own goals.

9. You are often accused of being too emotional or self absorbed.

As an extremely sensitive person the empath will feel life’s slings and arrows. Most people are unaware that sometimes a look or a word hurts. Remember, the empath is a built in lie detector and react to insensitivity.

10. You are either the ice maiden/knight or clingly mccling in a relationship. In matters of the heart, even to yourself, you morph into what seems like another person.

11. You want to heal humanity, but don’t want to socialize. You shut down when you are around inauthentic or negative situations and people.


Remember, even when in a relationship we need to be living our own lives.

All the best,


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